Julie Richards

My Story

My musical journey began at an early age growing up in a house filled with Country Music and talented musicians.

I was given the opportunity at 15 years of age to perform with my father, Max Richards, as a duo and also with his multi award winning country music band ”Men of Country”. It was a long apprenticeship of 9 years performing in pubs, clubs and other country music venues across Sydney. With dad’s support we formed a duo & I would sing everything from Anne Murray, Patsy Cline, Slim Dusty and Johnny Cash.  I also performed back up vocals and guest appearances with country music bands over the years. I loved every minute of it.

In 1998 I stopped performing and had my first crack at song writing while pregnant with my daughter. I wrote “Time Heals It All”. Song writing became my joy and therapy while I juggled raising a family and a career in finance. I began to build a portfolio of song writing material.

Over the last 2 years my song writing has become very important to me after losing my mum to illness. Song writing has helped to partially fill the huge void that was left when she passed away & has bought me closer to dad and given us hope and happiness for the future. The songs  are coming like a flood! I wrote a song called “Never Too Late” which inspired me to continue writing & performing music.

“Never Too Late” became the name of the newly formed partnership of Max Richards, Bob Browne and Dave King. I wrote a duet “ Sure Looks Good To Me” which will be on their upcoming Album  “Never Too Late, Vol 2”.  I was also invited to do back up vocals & have collaborated on new material towards their next album including “ Sad Love” & “Too Late Now”. 

The song I am most proud of is “Blackbird” which is a tribute to my family and indigenous heritage. This song was inspired by a trip taken to research our family history and an amazing Australian book that resonated with me “My Place” written by the acclaimed indigenous writer Sally Morgan. I am planning to release this song in the near future.

Song writing and Country music is my passion! I believe it’s “Never too Late” to do what’s in your heart and what makes you happy. You just have to give it a go!